Soft Loans

We offer staff soft loans to salaried people mostly on check off terms.
Our target market is low income earners working majorly in the middle and low level (small) private companies. For example; The people working in private schools, clinics, pharmacies, industries, service delivery companies, among others.

Lending money to these people will increase wealth creation as they will be able to acquire resources and hence grow financially. This will in turn make them feel more empowered, motivated and also increase their morale at work which will lead to higher production.


Loan amounts Minimum Loan - Kes. 5,000
Maximum Loan - Kes. 50,000
Repayment Period A maximum of three months
Interest rates 15% per month
Eligibility The loans shall be available to all eligible members of staff as recommended by XYZ company. (Employer).
Amount to qualify is determined by ability to repay based on the applicant’s payslip income only. The debt ratio is 2/3 of gross (i.e. one can commit up to 66.67% of their gross income)
Appraisal fee There is no appraisal fee
Repayment mode Fixed monthly repayments recoverable by check-off.
Repayments shall be through check off deducted by employer from applicant’s salary income and remitted to Tunza Credit Limited as advised.
Preliminary Requirements Latest 3 months pay slips
Copy of national ID
Application form endorsed by authorised signatory of XYZ.
Obligation of employer To administrate i.e. to confirm employment details, deduct and remit monthly payments. These details will be confirmed by call back.

Are you an employer willing to partner with a company that will offer financial solutions to your employees? Look no further, Tunza Credit Limited is the ideal partner. With an MOU between us and the employer in place, we process and disburse the loans within 24 hours.

Phone: 0797 - 703496